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is these my signs of HIV?

hello im a 19 year old male and im really worried i had unprotected sex with a woman for the first time

i didnt wear a condom and i had vignal sex with her (no anal) and i dont know her status she says shes healthy but then again i did meet her on a dating app and we starting sexting for 4 days till we had sex so there is a possibility shes lying but i dont know she was nice and she was not a hooker i did NOT pay her for sex

so after i had sex with her 2 weeks later i started to develop a cold for 1-2 days i was healthy at the morning but suddenly at night i could not at all breath from my nose so i slept with my mouth opened! and has a running nose, and i started sneezing and coughing a bit, but only lasted 1-2 days

so i dont sneeze and i can finely breath from my nose but however i still cough a bit but im pretty sure its a wet cough and not a dry cough cause when i cough theres this booger taste in my mouth and sometimes it comes out green so its a wet cough right? or is that a dry cough? i still do the (ahaaam) part alot so i can clear my throat sometimes and i also had chest pains but not anymore

the symptoms that i know of that effects HIV are these and non of these are effecting me

Muscle pain
Night sweats
Sore throat
Joint pain
Nasal congestion
lossing weight

non of these are effecting me i dont at all feel fatigue i feel like i have more energy then ever

and before you ask yes i did go to the doctor and did an HIV test and the results are today and im very worried i feel like im going to die before seeing the results because of how nervous i am.

and lastly i do not use drugs nor have sex with alot of women

so tell me for what i mention does it seem like i have HIV?

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Be patient and things would be fine.
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