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joint and musles pain also rases

hello doctor
im raja . i had sex with one of neighbour aunty 3 week back. i just insert my **** (unprotected)and take it of 10-15 sec. its my first time after that i stop my activites .from next day itselft i fear about HIV  i got muscles and joint pain some time ,and now i got some rashes in my body . but i not get any fever . i have stones in my two side kidney  im had tablet for that last one month.plz help me.
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Unprotected sex puts up an risk for HIV.But since you had intercourse for 15 sec your chances of acquiring HIV infection goes down.This doesn't mean that you shouldn't to be tested for HIV and  other STD's.

I will advice you to do' Fourth Generation ELISA testing for HIV1/2' on 6 week after the exposure.

Fourth generation ELISA for HIV1/HIV2

1) 4th generation  ELISA is a DUO TEST (Antibody and Antigen Sandwich Test) .It actually looks for the P24 (protein) Antigen and Antibodies simultaneously.

2) P24 Antigen is almost always present in the body after acquiring the virus till the 4th week after infection and then it disappears .

3)Once the P24 antigen disappears,antibodies starts to show up.

4) ' Fourth generation ELISA for HIV1/HIV2' detects both P24 antigen and antibodies 3 weeks after the exposure.

5) HIV DUO test is said to be best at 28 days and 6 weeks after the exposure.

6) Fourth generation ELISA test sensitivity is >99.5% and specificity >99% to both B and non-B subtypes. If a person has taken the test at the 6 week post exposure.

So I recommended you to do 'Fourth Generation ELISA for HIV1/2'  i.e HIV DUO test 6weeks after the exposure.But 12/13 week testing( 3 months) from any generation of ELISA is compulsory.

A negative results on 6 weeks by 'Fourth Generation ELISA for HIV1/2'
would mean that you would have extremely extremely....extremely low chances to be HIV + in 12/13 weeks .

An advice to you always use condoms while having sex.I am not against having sex but we must responsible while enjoying it.

Always use condom properly and never share needles.

Best of Luck
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10-15 seconds of unprotected intercourse is unlikely to result in infection...BUT IT CAN.

you can test 6-8 weeks post exposure for a good indication of your status...but follow up at 3 months for a conclusive result.
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Only a test at 3 months post esposure will be conclusive.
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i have doubt
1,can able to cure STD or HIV ,
2,guy have STD or HIV is eligable for marriage life.
3,man and female both of them not affected my STD or HIV, if they sex with each other AIDS should occur ?
4, some of ppl have more than 2 to 3 wife they having sex but they healthy only why they not affect by HIV ?
5, help me im in now fear about about my future life i dont like to destroy my family happy,
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1) It depends on what kind of STD you have acquired .Chlamydia,Gonorrhea,Syphilis and Trichomonas an be cured with antibiotics .While as STDs like herpes, Hepatitis-B and HIV are not curable .

2) Why a HIV+ person should be stopped from getting married? This is highly unethical.However he/she must take precaution(protected sex) while having sex .There is no law enacted in India which stops HIV+ people from getting married.

3) Not at all.

4) You can have sex with 1000 or more men or women you desire to sleep with,.That will not put you at risk if you have used condoms properly in all your sexual encounters .Free sex/love is not a medium for HIV transmission.However one has to take precautions i.e condom must be used properly in every penetrative sexual encounter.

HIV is transmitted by

a) unprotected sex with a  person infected with HIV.
b)sharing of needles with a  personinfected with HIV.
c)HIV+ mother to a child this can occur during pregnancy, at birth and through breastfeeding.
d) Injection or transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products, donations of semen           (artificial insemination), skin grafts or organ transplants taken from someone who is infected with HIV.

5. I advice you to stay calm for now.Since you had unprotected penetrative sex for only 15 sec your chances of acquiring HIV infection is less.But this does not mean that you should not test for HIV .Do 'HIV DUO'( Fourth generation ELISA for HIV1/2) 6 weeks after the exposure and an HIV 1/2 antibody test 12/13 week after the exposure.Things will be mostly clear on the 6th week test( even though 12/13 week antibody will be compulsory).

Always use condom properly and never share needles.
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A 3 month test will be conclusive no matter what type of HIV test.
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Yes I agree with that Teak hence I said 12/13 week antibody is compulsory.
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