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kissing + hsv2 + hiv

I got hsv-2 on lips from deep kissing a girl for about a minute in a dark place. What are the chances of simultaneous HIV transmission keeping in mind that she might have had a recent exposure to hsv-2 and hiv herself. I understand kissing is stated to be no risk event but I got a hsv-2 (not hsv-1) breakout exactly 3 days after kissing and suffering multitude of other copybook symptoms 3 weeks since the exposure. I understand hsv-2 by kising is a very rare event but what do I make regarding the risks with an additional fact that my oral and dental health are also not in good shape. Looking forward to your response. I have always been exremely careful with regards to safe sex and always presumed kissing was safe after reading.

Please help me with an answer considering these additional details. Havng seperate forums for herpes and hiv is confusing my case even further. Please share your knowledge. It is very well stated by doctor that hsv-2 increases the risk of hiv transmission. Can I have a clear pattern of thinking on my risk level..

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I request all to evaluate my risk based on the above information. Beyiiond this post, I would not start another thread but please consider the hsv2 factor before responding to me. I feel this has indeed put me in high risk category.
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The answers are not going to change reread the replies you have been given.
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First of all thanks. Appreciate your response. But, I have included additional details of oral hsv-2 that I acquired from this episode. I have been to dermatologist and he agrees that this seems to be a new hsv-2 ifection looking at the symptoms even though I previously had oral hsv-1.

What I need to understand is how much the playing field changes with respect to hiv if a person has acquired hsv-2 while kissing from the same incidence. I have not found a single question regarding this on the whole forum which I have searched repeatedly and I do not have much knowledge other than doctor repeatedly telling that hiv chances doubles  or tripples with hsv-2 simultaneous infection.

How can I correlate being told no risk to doctor telling that the risk increases. I am confused with the whole hsv-2 and hiv thing and frenck kissing. And, seems no one knows the answer. Can I request you to tap your resources to help me with an educated answer on this. Had there been no involvement of hsv-2, I would have taken your answer at face value. Please understand my concerns and the not so clear information available to me.
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you have posted on the forum for an incident that never placed you at risk for HIV transmission.You need to accept the facts and move on.
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So, can I take from both of ypu (Teak & Rainlover) that HIV can not be transmitted by kissing even when the other person (with recent oral hsv-2 & hiv infection) has infected me with hsv-2 on my lips by kissing me.

Can this be taken to the bank?
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Yes, but don't expect to get anything from the bank if you don't have any funds in it.
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