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kissing and HIV

I recently kissed an HIV positive girl and even though i couldnt determine if she had blood in her mouth or not and i certainly did not taste blood in my mouth either,but i was always producing phlegm in the mouth at that time, which i attributed to allergies or sinuses. I started developing a sore throat 36hours later and before the end of the day the sore throat went away and i started getting  mild headaches. About 5 days after exposure i started developing pain in my left tonsils and a week afterwards it transfered to the right tonsils. We are in a season where the flu and malaria are very rampant and as much as I want to believe that its flu or inflammed tonsilities, I still have this nagging feeling at the back of my mind that it could be HIV. I still have the mild headaches but the headache subsides when I wake up from sleep in the mornings and starts later in the day. I did a rapid test at 2 weeks after exposure and the result was negative.Do you think i could have contacted the disease?

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HIV is spread by penetrative genital or anal intercourse and injection of infected material deep into tissue.  It is not transmitted by ingestion (i.e. no risk if you got her blood into your mouth), not by kissing, or by sucking a partner's body parts.  No one has EVER gotten HIV in this way.   DR HOOK / MEDHELP

Despite the billions of kissing events in the AIDS era, not one case of HIV has been known to be transmitted that way, even though millions of those kisses undoubtedly were with cuts in the mouth or on the lips. DR HANSFIELD / MEDHELP

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