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can u get hiv from french kissing a hiv positive girl if she not on her meds and she have high viral loads
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HIV is not transmitted by kissing doesn't matter if that have HIV or not.
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No.You can't get HIV from kissing under any circumstance.
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does the viral load make it change? on the doctor site he said he wouldnt  kiss a girl that wasnt on meds.im cofused why he said that.
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VL has nothing to do with it,kissing is zero risk for HIV transmission under any circumstance because saliva destroys the virus.
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wonder why he said that look on the doctor std
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I been kissing a hiv girl about a year on in off. they said it was thats why i did it. so im ago and can i still kiss her or should i stop
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You can continue to kiss her.You aren't going to contract HIV that way.
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Its alrite frenching kissing with tongue right? Wonder why he said that on the on the other site, thank for helping me. could u get a std from kissing her
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Any type of kissing is fine and you can get an STD from her if she has one,like oral herpes but if shes clean there is no risk obviously.
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Kissing is no risk however you do it. STD questions belong in the STD forum. Move along.
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