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lancet *****, hiv risk.. please help.


i'm a medical student, two months ago i was working on a research regarding diabetes, where we measure their glucose level using the glucose measuring device. i was wearing gloves while measuring glucose level from a 40 year old married man with two kids who seemed healthy and unsuspicious for hiv. after finishing the measurements i had forgotten to take the lancet out of the pen( the device used to prick the tip of the finger), the lancet was a little bit protruded and it pricked my finger mistakingly without the gloves. there was no visible blood from the prick but now i'm a little worried the guy might be hiv positive. i try to convince myself the guy is married and has two kids and he must have had an hiv test before, at least for his children.

now my question is what do you think my risk is of contracting hiv this way, judging from the lancet prick and the age of the guy and him being married and a muslim?

i'm going to test at the 3 month mark, but is testing so necessary? am i at high risk?

please help me put my mind at ease if possible. thank you
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You wasn't at risk of contracting HIV. Seek professional help with your HIV phobias. You might also think about changing professions if you are always going to think you have all the diseases you are studying in school.
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i certainly will.. can you explain why you think this is a non-risk incident? i'm thinking it is because the blood was fresh.
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also does him being married and all should maybe make me relax?
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You should relax because you never had an exposure. You never injected anything into your veins lancets are not hollow-core hypodermic needles.  
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thanks a lot for being so helpful. makes sense!
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