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late conversion

Hello Doctor,

I need to get some basic answers to my sitiuation. I know i my exposure was very low risk or 0 risk. From your threads i have gathered enough answers to know that exposure to bodily fluids on intact skin is almost 0 risk. I have also had  5 12 and 15 week tests for anitibodies come negative. The 12 week test was a duo test p24 anitgen and antibody test. My problem is i am know getting lymph node like swellings that come and go under my arm pit and on the side of my chest. They are their for 2 to 3 days only. I have virtually no other symtoms. No fever, loose stool, sore throat rash etc. I have some red zit like swelling coming out from the hair pores in my body but they are in isolation and appear in different areas.  

How likely is seroconversion  after 4 months to exposure. I heard that sometimes this can happen thus the reason for testing at 6 months.?

Is it it possible to get HIV and have no major sypmtoms in the ARS stage?

Can swealing lymph nodes on its own be classified as a symptom or do you usually get the whole works.

How long does ARS related lymph nodes swealing last.

Incidentaly i may add that this is the flue season in Fiji where i live.

I know i may be repeating some of these questions  but your answers will help.

You do a great job doctors thank you very much.  


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If you want a doctor to answer your questions you'll need to post your questions in their forum. Related Expert Forums-HIV Prevention
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There are no Doctors on this forum.

Rare. You'd know about it if your immune system was that bad.

Symptoms are an unreliable indicator of HIV infection. Your 12 week negative (Ab) however is a very reliable in fact conclusive indicator that HIV is not your problem.

ARS lasts one to two weeks. Lymphadenopathy can occur in symptomatic stage HIV . Lymph nodes swell for many reasons the vast majority of them not HIV.
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