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long lasting fever and fatigue scares me


I’m really afraid and looking for your advice.

The next day after an exposure I notice a weird sore on my mouth. No very big but red and painless. I started developing a flu 3 days later.

I was fine until the 3rd week when I started developing symptoms of what we call ARS. I started feeling uncomfortable and had nauseas and a low grade fever 37,2° 37,5° max (98.96 99.5F).

With the fever I had fatigue mild sore throat and soft stool and my eyes are kind of irritated and red.

At the 3 ½ weeks mark I took a 3rd generation ELISA test. It came back negative. 0.34 (hiv+ if >1)

I got a little better but the low fever keeps coming back with the fatigue like 4 or 5 days a week. I also had 3 mouth ulcers that came one after another. I got a swab test of the throat which came back negative for bacterial and fungal infection. I also did my second ELISA test for hiv at the 5½ week mark which also came back negative. 0.39 (hiv+ if >1)

It’s been 7 weeks and a half now. And the low fever and fatigue are still there.

Even yesterday after going out I was very hot and very fatigued. Had to lay down.

My exposure:

Very low risk. But even low risk there’s still a risk. I gave a ** to a guy for no more than 8 minutes. No ejaculation occurred but there must have been precum involved. My mouth didn’t have any open cuts. But maybe there were some irritations. (I ate spicy food and brushed my teeth like 1 hour before the fellatio.

I have reasons to believe the guy was hiv positive. He’s homosexual and has sex for money.


1) Considering your experience. What do you think of the risk I had, plus the two negative ELISAS at 3 ½ weeks and 5 ½ weeks.

2) If he had Syphilis wound my risk have dramatically increased? (I’m testing for Syphilis this week as well as having my 8 week ELISA)

3) Can I be hiv converting slowly because I was exposed to a small quantity of fluid (precum)?

Of course I’m gonna keep going to my doctor and all but I would like to know what you think specially about these low grade fever + fatigue that is scaring me a lot.

Thank you a lot.
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You didn't have a risk of contracting HIV.
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But my symptoms are real. In fact i'm having it right now. Low grade fever, I'm very fatigued and also short breath. (for 4 weeks now)

Considering everything I wrote on my post (symptoms, risk, elisa test results) which are all true, do you think I can rule out HIV as the origin of this?

Thanks a lot for your response Teak

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Yes, because you didn't have a risk.
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Thank you again Teak
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