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lymph nodes abnormally swollen, tested negative oraquick

a little back ground information I'm 22 with hsv2 and I've had 2 risk in the last year, once was last may, no protection was used with girl of unknown hiv status , the second and most recent was about 40 days ago, also with no protection.. about 2 weeks after I felt extremely tired. Everyday I had to take a nap and felt weaker throughout the day. That was on and off for pretty much 3 weeks. My next "symptom" was abnormally swollen lymph nodes, First lost my voice which lasted 3 days, then I noticed a swollen lymph node on the front right side of my neck, 2 days later I noticed 2 more lymph nodes on the sides of my neck 2 days later I noticed 2 more small ones right by the larger ones on the sides of my neck. Lastly I discovered a lymph node on the back of my hairline on the right side. None of them were this size previously and all have remained the same size for about 2 weeks besides the one on the front right side of my neck. Also I had headaches on and off for about of weak and sometimes I feel slight dizziness. Ive been reading this forum all week hoping my lymph nodes went down and they didn't so today I woke up feeling like I need to get tested. I didn't have the courage to go to the doctors and I wanted imediate results so I went to cvs and got a oraquick home test. To my surprise it came back negative with one solid line at the top and nothing else . I prayed and prayed for the past couple of days still part of me was suspecting the worst. Im glad it came back negative but still worried a little because my lymph nodes are still large? would hiv show by this time if I was showing symptoms? is the test I took reliable?
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What was your exposure?

Unprotected vaginal, anal or oral ?
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and oral
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1. Your own assessment of swollen lymph node is null and void unless you have a professional checking it and confirming it as swollen.

2. Swollen nodes and other symptoms are too generic, it could be due to your high anxiety or other illness than HIV. It doesn't seem to be specific to HIV ARS.

3. Oral swab saliva tests have a longer window period than standard antibody tests. You have tested conclusively negative for the first incident. However, for the second 'unprotected vaginal' exposure you can get a IV Gen HIV test for a conclusive or wait until 3 months with an oral swab home test.

4. Your negative at this juncture would be indicative though. Also, it's very unlikely that your partner was HIV positive, you are just guessing that bit. Even if we assume she is positive, it is highly unlikely that you contracted HIV from this single episode of unprotected 'vaginal' exposure since it's difficult to transmit the virus in a FTM transmission scenario. It is usually seen that it needs multiple unprotected exposure with the infected person for transmission.

You seem to be very anxious since you must have read a lot about HIV online and you are also constantly monitoring your own body. This is pointing towards obsessive behavior, you need to calm down or you could see a therapist to get some help.
Oral isn't HIV risk.
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thanks a lot for your descriptive answer.
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