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massage parlor (please answer)

  I got an "erotic massage", condom on and evrething. what i`m worried about, is that i fingered her, and after that i touched my penis, dont remember if it was on the "head" or the base. after i finished, she took me out of her and i saw two small drops of blood on my leg, she said she was near her period. do any of these situations represent risk at all?.
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No risk at all, You had a condom on just for  "erotic massage" which is totally safe, then fingering is no risk at all regardless of cuts or scratches or anything like that. Furtermore, you cant get HIV from blood on your leg either. NO RISK. Peace
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What suns said, completely risk free situation, read about HIV transmission and move on.
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right after i wrote this, i searched on the net, and found out rashes are common ARS. 1 week later what had happent, i had a rash on my armpit. i know it`s most likely unrelated, but still concerned about it.
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If you didn't have a risk to begin with how can you associate the rash with HIV and you must know that rash associated with HIV usually occurs in the trunk of the body and are almost always accompanied with fever.

Don't try to do symptom surfing, it won't help you, symptoms don't indicate HIV and it means nothing. all you need to know is that you didn't have a risk, you need no test. you're not listening to us, simply, read about HIV transmission and move on.
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Thats the worst thing that you can do, Do not get on the internet and start looking up symptoms or anything like that. AS soon as you read about a symptom the next day you are going to have that symptoms. Plus, if you did have a rash, Rashes from HIV are a real difuse rash meaning its spread out over your body. Mostly your upper torso but its not in just one place like your arm or your hand or on your elbow or something like that. With that being said, all Real ARS symptoms come with a high fever so if you didnt have a fever then your not having ARS symptoms.
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