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masturbation with vaginal fluid on hand

Hi to everyone ,

First of all thanks very much for such useful platform and helping. Couple of days ago I went to a massage parlour and at the end somehow she got wet and she started to masturbate and ask me to suck her boobs .After a while she got orgasm with the same wet hand she started to rub my penis . ( I consider her hands was with her fluids ) . There was a pimple on the top of my penis and acouple on my balls . I asked her to wash her hands before touching my penis and she went to wash but I couldn't see if she washed clearly or not .There is no intercourse or anything. I am pretty worried to get infected. If you can give me some respond I will be more than happy.

my question might be silly or little complicated , sorry for this . Silly things happens .

tanks a lot

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You don't describe a risk for HIV. HIV is only transmitted by unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. So, you had absolutely no risk or reason to worry.
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thanks a lot for your reponse ! Generally I am trying to understand for healthy sex life , even the top of the penis get in contact with the vaginal fluid or cum without intercourse, is it still risk free ?
The only risks are what I stated. It doesn't matter what touches the penis outside the body, if you understand what I mean. A penis must be inside a vagina or anus. Not just vaginal fluid on the top of your penis outside the vaginal or anus.
Basically, you have to be having intercourse to have a risk and you weren't.
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