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merely rash being a symptom of hiv?

I had botox injection on my forehead on 24thSept, about 18 to 20 rashes which were not itchy and painful appeared on my legs  on 22ndOct. I had a white spot on my tongue too. My rashes recovered 4 weeks later and the white spot recovered within 2 days. I fear that the beauty centre reused the syringe. Is there any possibility that I have hiv?  
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Syringes are inexpensive. Botox is expensive.  They aren't going to save a dime during an expensive procedure.  Needle sticks do not transmit the virus as air will deactivate hiv.  IV drugs are a different story that an injection into the forehead.  You are over thinking this and should move on.
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just a hypothetic question, if a drop of blood having hiv virus together with botox in a syringe are injected into the forehead of a person, will the person be infected?
There is no reason for hypothetical questions as this is the HIV prevention.  It wouldn't happen and if these types of things worry you, I'd not have unnecessary procedures like botox.  My answer is the same.  No risk and seek help for anxiety.
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