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mind @ peace ?????

     I'd like to share with all of you my story. I learned my lesson after this unprotected with unknown female. NOW ALWAYS SAFE SEX SAFE SEX. We cannot either rely on or based on symptoms. We have to have HIV test. This is the only way to find out. Dnt let symptoms caused you stress pain and waste ur time.
    After 20wks living in anxiety and fear of getting HIV,,,i got my results back today at community health center free for both STD all negative and HIV1/2 non reactive ( which am not really sure i should call it conclusive ). So i decided to have another HIV1/2 stat-pak fingerstick at one of medical lab and the result is NEGATIVE.
    Slept with this girl on 9/20/08,,,3wks later severe swollen sore throat last more than 2 wks ---> after that i had 3 days mild nasal congestion headache tiredness, i took tylenol and it went away i dint probably think of HIV symptoms--> on 1/7/09, lil over 3months i had severe flu and headches that i couldnt even get up, couple of big round red mark on my forearm (diameter of finger) righ armpit hurt, both hands finger joint stiff and aching then i started thinking of HIV symptoms,,,since then i searched infos online, read every single pages i can about HIV symptoms,,,i was so scared, stress out, my mind gone crazy. I was so nervous to have HIV test cos i thought i might be it. I went to Eastern Medicine Doctor, he checked my vital sign and told me there were viruses inside my blood are  destroying my red blood cell it can turn really bad. Afterward he even scared me more and stop me thinking going to have HIV test. I drank his medicine for 5 days and came back to see him. He still said the same thing to me and ask me to do blood test. I got home so stress and fear of having HIV, from this moment i had like severe diarrhea stomache flu, everything i eat make me vomit out and nausea my vision blurry headache all happen same time for like almost 3wks. I lost over 5lbs. even my familly said that i looked crappy lately and really skinny. i was seriously like nitemare to me 24/7, cant even sleep well. cant focus on doing anything
    So on the 2/9/09 ( 4n1/2 months post exposure )i decided to have HIV free test at community health center and they told me result will be available within a week. 2days had gone by, i couldnt bear it anymore and i found a medical lab in LA for paid HIV test result in 15mins. i went there n had fingerprick HIV1/2 stat-pak assay rapid test. in that 15mins i was like living in hell. Doc came n spoke ur HIV,,,duh wat,,,and he stopped n looked at me,,and again he said ur HIV negative,,,oh my gosh,,,i was like speechless,,went home and stop by at noodle place,,i feel like never hungry like this b4, i ate 2 big large bowl of noodle and thinking wat the hek wat happen to all my previous stomache flu nausea vomitting,,its gone like in a second,,i was fine after that for few days n start thinking back negative result, i said to myself its impossible to b like that while at community health center the nurse took whole tube of blood and told me wait for a week to get result but this medical lab so quick. then i started stressed out again causing me headache stomache upset again for like few days while waiting for another test result. I think these stress had caused me real bad diarrhea stomache flu headache and etc...
     And yesterday i got my lab back said HIV1/2 non reactive, i asked to the lab nurse y not said NEGATIVE but NON REACTIVE. I read lots article online about HIV NON REACTIVE result. some say OK some say not clear some say hav to hav another one at 6mnths period. So i am really not sure this could be conclusive but at least i can relax for now and wait another month to have test again in total of 6mnths period.
    Thanks so much for spending ur time on my story and I wish best to you all.
    Practive safe sex.
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Your test is conclusive. NEGATIVE..
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