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mouth sores and blisters

Hi i wrote earlier about my exposure 10 weeks ago. i was convinced that i am safe and dont have HIV but since last 4 days i am having swollen lump under my left armpit and since yesterday developed mouth sores with white spots and blisters. Please help do i need to get tested and what do i tell the laboratory for what kind of test.
i definately had a protected encounter but then every small health issue i have is making me relate it to HIV.
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Seek professional mental help. You never had an exposure and your signs and symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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Sorry i may be annoying you but i am mentally very stressed out.
I have taken a western blot test yesterday which was expected today morning but now the lab says its delayed by a day, does it mean that they are positive and they are taking time to re confirm???
I had sex with a sex worker with 2 condoms and all have said its safe including my doc, but i am freaking out.
this may irritate u guys but for me its life or death.
Also how much is a persons life once detected of HIV
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Too much worry is vital than hiv itself. u had protected sex so relax. but 4 ua peace of mind u can take a rapid test
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I undersatnd how stressed you have been and that it is confusing for you right now but you are negative and if you really do have mouth sores and blisters you need to look in the right place to get rid of them.  Not here.  You need to see your doctor and get that treated but it is not HIV related.  Once you have done this you will feel very much better.  
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