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mouth sores...scared

ok so you all prob know that my exposure was unprotected oral on another guy about 33 days ago....other than just a sore throat and swolen neck lymph nodes, I havn't had any other symptoms.

but now I have a canker sore in my mouth on my lip...and now underneath my tongue it feels sore as if there is a sore forming there.

is this common in ARS?

should I be freaking out as much as i am?  this just seems like it is never going to end.  its one thing after another...
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According to the CDC in Singapore...

"The risk of HIV transmission through unprotected oral sex is low. We do not have any record of a real incident. However, you may be at risk for other sexually transmitted infections(STI) like Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Herpes etc."

HIV?  I seriously doubt it.
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No need to a freak out .abt 90% of ppl will have symptoms i.e the flu like symptoms .
Sores in mouth are also caused by anxiety and stress.
Get tested and get rid of unwarranted fears .U ll come out clean.
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Buddy u had a sore throat...and swollen neck lymph nodes?! symptoms..possibly..! would u get just those two absolutely not...get alot more than that!! Both are most likely cause by stress....i think everyone one here gets a sore throat and swollen something!! ull be fine! relax! as for the canker sores...most common cause for those is stress?! and the reason why ur noticing some many lil things wrong with u is because ur lookin at ur body and analyzin it more! watch out a paper cut may be next ( a lil humor)

Im not an expert...but ive done my research and what i stated above  has been stated by tons of professionals!
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you guys are all probably right....and I am probably just freaking out for nothing and therefore causing stress / lowering my immune system.  plus i've been getting less sleep lately cause I moved back to college....

...I just find it hard accepting that all this is happening NOW....because I usually don't get sick etc.  timing is horrible..
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i just keep finding more and more wrong with me
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Stop looking for symptoms.  Test after a month.  Test again at 3 if you are not satisfied.  But stop punishing yourself.  Thats what I have had to learn.  Its a good lesson.
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so today when I woke up I looked in my mouth...I have red bumps all over my uvula and the back of my throat.....what in the world is going on with me?
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