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my beloved child hiv status

Hi dear all, I adopted a daughter about 9 years ago without the background of her biological parent. I sent her for a HIV and Syiphilis blood test about 1 week after she was born and result all negetive. I was ignorance without knowing there is a window period for hiv and syiphilis test. I rely on the report. She is now 9 years old and grow healthyly. No other health problem besides having fits while she was below 5 years old and admitted to hospital for 3 times, After that she is very healthy until today. I am worry to bring her for another test as I worry a positive result may change her life totally so my question is whether I can rely on the negetive result 9 years ago when she was 1 week old. I prepare to accept any result since the first test as I love her so much and I always believe she is a heavenly gift for me from God. Please provide me some answer as it will be my daughters future. Thank you so much.
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Have her retested. Her test will be conclusive. If she is positive you are neglecting the medical help she deserves.
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Tq Teak and last 2 questions, I thought if she got hiv from her biological parents, the test we did (Elisa)on 7 days should have been positive as her mother passed her some hiv antibody and secondly can a hiv positive child survive healthyly for over 9 years without any hiv treatment. Thank you Teak.
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Sorry Teak for the question but I just want to gain some confident before I send my love one for retesting.
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You have to think about it? You can take her for a rapid oral test and sit and wait 20 minutes and get the results.
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Tq Teak for your advice yesterday. I have ordered some rapid test kid but at the moment I search some web site and noted that all infant born to hiv mother will certainly have hiv antibody for almost 18 months and certainly positive under Elisa hiv test. Just wish to know whether such statement valid or just some speculative answer. Thanks a lot.
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Yes that would be correct.
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Thank you and God bless, Teak.
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