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nPEP followed by AVS followed by Negative HIV PCR result

Hi Meidcal Experts, I have searched everywhere on the internet for the answer to my question maybe nobody knows, I would appreciate a response particlary from anyone that has experienced a similar case first hand although I am aware no result will be conclusive after 12 weeks after PEP. I had unprotected Vaginal sex with a HIV+ CSW she was likely high Viral Load as she had lesions. I commenced PEP at the 20 hr Mark 10 days after PEP had finished I had sore throat fever swollen lymph nodes all over the body they were hard and not sensitive, I had fatigue, muscle aches, diarrhoea and an itchy chest. I had a HIV PCR two days afterward (14 days after PEP) which came back negative. I understand this is not conclusive but my doctor said that this was not AVS or the PCR would have come back positive. Please let me know what you think I was on Combivir and Kaletra. he also ruled out  IRIS (which I read can effect your immune system 2 weeks post medication) he says I read too much. Any response is greatly appreciated.
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