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need your help HIV transmission

I would like to know about hiv transmission. if a girl take her vigirnal fluid or semen by using her finger put into a man's meatus. does HIV transmitted this way ?
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No, you cannot get HIV that way. You would have to put your penis inside her vagina or anus, without a condom, to be at risk.  Even if vaginal fluids were rubbed into your penis, you are not at risk.

You can only get HIV from:
Unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
Sharing IV drug works with other IV drug users.
thank for your answer. her vigirnal fluid get into a man's meatus. it will be exchange the 2 body fluid. how can you say HIV doesn't transmitted? I want you explain more clearly.
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Johnny, I told you the ways that HIV *can* be transmitted.  Any other risk that you can think of is NOT a risk at all.  It is as simple as that.  HIV transmission happens when a penis is inside a vagina or anus without a condom.  

HIV becomes inactive when exposed to air and loses its ability to infect.  She could rub vaginal fluids all over your body, everywhere, and you would never be infected.
she tried to infect me. she use her finger put into her vigirnal and she took her vigirnal fluid immediately put into my penis' meatus. is this not a risk ?
I meant my urinary meatus
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As you've been told above as soon as the virus hit air it dies as its very fragile, so you are not at risk from infection.
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