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needle ***** on beach???

Hi! Okay, so I was down in Panama City for Spring Break this year and I was walking on a very croweded beach in loose sand away from the water, and felt something cut/***** my foot. I was walking to catch up with my group and didn't look to see what I stepped on. At first I didn't see any blood then once I stopped and took a closer look, I saw some blood and squeezed it out. Then, I went to the ocean to wash the wound. I am concerned that what I stepped on was a dirty needle (I do not know if I am being paranoid or not). The wound was small and the cut was a thin straight line...not even a centimeter long. That was 13 days ago....I now am having some headaches...I am actually really freaking out. Please let me know if my risk of being exposed to hiv were small or large if it was a needle that I did infact step on. Thanks.
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You are being paranoid. Even if it were a needle you didn't have a risk.
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i live at the beach and more than likely you sliced your foot on a broken shell.  relax :)
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Don't forget broken bottles, there is often glass at the beach from people taking drinks down there
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