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negative hiv antibody test

i had protected sex with a prostitute
after 6 weeks all test negative including hiv antibody no pcr just elisa
after 9 weeks all negative
now after 11 week n 2 days i got elisa negative i was told that they check for antigen n antibody here in uk when check for hiv
so now u dont have to be tested after 12 weeks or 90 days

should i go for further test after 3 months
can u plz help me
is thr any possibility that u r negative at 11 week n get positive after 12 weeks

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If you had protected sex then why did you test in the first place,there was no need to.You never had a risk.
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what r the chances of test
11 week is fine or should i go for 12 week
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Your negative,You never had an exposure.Your sex was protected.
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considering the FACT that you had NO RISK...AND...you have a negative test result at 11 weeks...it SHOULD PROVE to you that you dont have hiv.

accept your negative status and move on with your life.
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so many thanx for ur reply i hope every thing will be fine
but i am thinking to go for final test just to make my self in ease
peace of mind u can say

but i have one confusion
some pplz say after 12weeks u should go for test
some say after 90 days
if i go after 12 weeks it becomes 84 days ..........not 90 days

what should i do
does it make any difference to have test at 12 weeks (84 days ) or 3 months ( 90) days test

so many thanx in advance for helping me out n taking me out of this **** anxiety
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Take the test at 3 months post-exposure if its going to relieve your anxiety for a no risk situation.Your results aren,t going to change.Your negative,except this fact and get on with life.
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