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negative test

hi all, i posted earlier regarding an exposure i was worried about, and again posting a report talking about the window period of HIV, but somehow that post has disappeared.. i dont know why
anyway, I had a negative test at 5 and 6 weeks using the oraquick advance but started to worry when I read hte report that said that oraquick advance was about 2nd generation sensitivity and that the dr. put the window period for 2nd generation tests at 4 to 12 weeks. Today, I got another oraquick advance blood test for HIV 1/2, at 53 days, which would be 7 weeks and 4 days from teh initial encounter, and it came back NEGATIVE, or non-reactive. I'm really relieved at the result because 7 weeks and 4 days seems like a very good indicator, unless sometime during the testing process and going to the hospital I had exposed myself to new risks, which seems unlikely. This process has felt like one whole nightmare, and sometimes when I wake up it feels overwhelming.

I sincerely hope that my 7 week, 4 day negative test, along with my 2week negative quantitative RNA can conclusively or almost conclusively rule out HIV, even though it was a rapid and not a newer generation. I feel a lot better now but sometimes it still all feels like a dream. Any thoughts, words of encouragement, or caution? Thanks a lot guys, for being there through the whole process.
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you had no risk why would you even test.
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i guess i just need reassurance.. so guys
with a 14 day negative PCR(Viral Load), 5 Week negative(ELISA), 6 and 7 week 3 day negative (Oraquick ADVANCE RAPID), would i be almost conclusively negative even if i had high risk to begin with? And lastly, I shouldnt worry that I somehow reset the window period from getting tested and getting swabbed and having blood drawn/prostate examined right? thanks a lot guys, its been a rough time but i see the light at hte end of hte tunnel, hope all of you hang in there
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Hi there,

To begin with....I think .....you are not at risk at all..........

Conclusive for high risk like unprotected anal sex, is 3 month conclusive.

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I don't know your case, but as uniquelymen says... if you are low risk, then I think it is time to move on.
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