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occupational exposur,aids pt.,blood contact
fever at 5thweek for 4days high
lymph nodes under armpits after fever for aweek
6 th week hiv dna pcr negative+ eia+p 24 neg.
8 week eia+ p24 neg
13 week hiv duo + dna pcr neg.
should i move on
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long saga
will explain afterwords if no test re. or after the test
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Yes ! You should. 13 week tests are definite and conclusive. Symptoms are misleading in most of the cases, and people with almost every listed symptom, were found themselves infection free when tested after the specified period. You do not have HIV
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thanks budy
for boosting my confidence
still worried coz no doctor in india ,sorry im an indian, states like this as it is ahigh risk situ.
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will  highly appriciate ur replies,may turn tomm. on forum
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What was the extent of your exposure, was it an accidental skin puncture by syringe? Or just skin contact ? If just skin was exposed to the patient's body fluid, then no need to worry. I am lost dude, you said your exposure was an occupational one, that mean you work in some hospital,,, don't you? If so, then you must be having a doctor around you. India is pretty advanced country in terms of HIV testing, diagnosis and treatment.

Anyway, your 13 week test is conclusive,,, you are infection free
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Dude, you had a occupational exposure. Under common healthcare guidelines followed wordwide, you should have been given PEP. Were you offered PEP after your exposure? And, moreover, doctors(GP's) in general do not have much idea about HIV.
If you want proper information you should be contacting a HIV specialist. But, it is hard for e to believe that you had an occupational exposure and your hospital is not following up properly on your case...
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o_g is right. This is standard practice. I have seen warnings for staff posted in pathological laboratories here (I live in Pakistan, your neighbouring country) that in case of any exposure it must be reported immediately and note down the name and MR number of the patient, whose fluid was exposed, plus another sample of the same fluid be collected from the same patient. The same should also be practiced in India
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