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nerve damage and hiv

i been told that i have nerve damage in my neck and shoulder blades and i was wondering if this is a symptom of hiv?
the last time i was sexually active was in 2001 and i've had tests done for hiv and they have come back negitive they were done at a drop in center run by the gvna and i also experience tingiling in my hands and  i've lost weight within  a 1 week or so period i went from 196 to 190 down to 188 is this a sign of hiv?. i need to know because i've never had a positive hiv test at all. i am a 43 year old female can hpv cause cervixal cancer? i developed that in 1993 i was supposed to go back two weeks later for a follow up but when they mentioned it was an abnormal pap smear test for cervical cancer i got so upset that i didn't go back for the follow-up i also read a book about a comedian who had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer her name is gildna radner i read her biography.sorry if i'm going off topic but i have to know whether or not i'm infected with hiv i had cancer surgery on ovarian cancer and now am a 9 year survivor of it i think at the time they found it it was in the stage of mestatisis spreading the doc told me it was the size of my heart it was there for 7 years it started as a follicle cyst with hairy cell like protrusions on it and i also had a abnormal pap smear as well which signified cervixcal cancer. my first abnormal pap smear ever 7 years later they performed a d/c and laproscopy on me in march 23,2000 and that's when they found the hematoma inside a very large tumor which was also malignant as well with blood clots too. they removed both the same day and inside my uterus they found endometriosis, polyps, and fibroids they said that there was so much stuff in my uterus that i looked 6 months pregnant. i also had a flow cytrometry test to detect chronic leukimias but i had the surgery done before i got the results back. i was wondering if hpv can cause hiv it's been 9 years since i was sexually active i need to know to rest my worried mind thank you for listening. take care and have a nice day. rosalyn
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all of that info is irrelevant.

if you had unprotected sex and tested 3 months post your LAST exposure...then you have a conclusive test result...proving that you do not have hiv.
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Your post is a little hard to follow.  First of all....your cancer and shoulder pain/nerve damage is in no way related to HIV.

HIV tests are reliable at 3 months post an exposure (an "exposure" would be unprotected vaginal or anal sex, sharing IV drug works, or via mother to infant).You can believe the results...you do not have HIV.
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I can take up to six months for you to seroconvert after exposure. That means, if you have engaged in any risky behavior since your last HIV test then you should be tested again. Your symptoms do not sound like HIV. HPV does increase your risk of catching HIV, especially through anal sex if the warts are present. However, I would get to the doctor and have him check for a recurrence of cancer. I'd do it today.
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Move along..3 months is conclusive and has been since 2004.
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