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never knew this

I never knew U.S. would restrict or deny immigration and Visa approvals for people living with HIV/AIDS.

I actually didn't even know that when people apply for Visas, they get Tested for HIV.

Quite crazy.  John Howard wants to ban HIV+ people to enter his country.  UAE, Russia and Qatar have outright bans for HIV+ people.

unbelievable.  So much for living in the 21st open-minded century, yet so much stigma and prejudice. This is just Pathetic and Sad to the core.....This shows  there is hardly much awareness about this disease around the world.
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Well, Australia is one of the few countries that doesn't have an big HIV problem, just a few thousand cases for the whole country.  If Howard wants to keep it that way, I don't see it as such a bad thing.  If I was Australian I would support that policy.
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yes, but if you was hiv+, you don't support that policy.
You agree with him because you're hiv negative.

Also in Asia there are similar policy(thailandia for example).
I think that this policies are "racist".

For hiv+ persons the life is hard and this policies don't help to defeat the disease in the mind of the persons.

This is my only my opinion dude, you're ok.
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I actually agree with you on everything you said...
That's why it's a tough question.
You don't want to violate the rights of poz people.
And you want to protect the uninfected people from getting HIV.
Which do you choose?
Well, since HIV is still an uncurable and a very expensive disease, I personally would support any policy that limits its spread.
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If anyone that is HIV positive wants to visit they can apply for a waiver. Once it is approved, you can come into the country. The US is looking at lifting the ban on HIV.  The ban is not just for HIV, it's for all communicable diseases. We should know something in the near future.
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How does one prevent HIV by preventing the rights of HIV-infected individuals to shift base of their nationality?   This is absolutely illogical.

HIV is not something that is spread in air.  People just need more education and knowledge, and be aware of individual's sexual lifestyle.   This has nothing to do with controling HIV numbers to minimum in every country in the world.  I'm surprised by such policies.
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Thailand may prohibit certain types of visas for HIV carriers but they do not care about "visa on arival." In other words, a person can land in Thailand with a valid passport and be issued a Visa at the gate. It is a 30 day visa, and you can have that particular visa extended 3 times.  Thailand does not do enough to prevent the spread of HIV due to the rampant sex industry. It is all "mouth" in the marality dept.  They recently banned internet porn, and believe it or not, prostitution is illegal in Thailand. Although they have a very developed systematic prostitution system. Coruption from head to toe.....

I Think Singapore also has tight restriction on HIV.
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Thailand "Racist"  come now?   Just law that restricted women that are married to foriengers from owning land was recently lifted!  You have to give them some credit for making such radical steps towards a modern society.
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Unfortunately, education and knowledge don't work.
With all the money pumped into HIV education HIV cases are on the rise in the US.
And on the other side of this, you have terrified people testing after unprotected vaginal sex with a low-risk partner.
HIV education has been a failure so far, big time.

If you let an HIV-positive person into the country, how do you know next day he won't go into a "bathhouse" and infect a dozen people?  A guy like that can double the HIV prevalence in Australia all by himself.  Unfortunately, the only thing that would work right now is what Howard is doing.  
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Fact is if you took the time to read over some of these posts they are really pathetic...

Stuff like, "Well there I was, in a 5 dollar massage parlor in Bangkok having some of the best sex ever and after ward I noticed I had another one of my familiar Herpes flair ups....  what's my risk"

My point is, a lot of folks don't seem to care if they are spreading STDs of any form, from Herpes to warts....   with that attitude, it is little wonder HIV is spreading.

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Well, you're right, I think many people with HIV are understandibly angry and don't mind sharing it with others.  In fact there are multiple reports about people infecting others on purpose.  I think if an HIV positive person knowingly engages in unprotected sex, that should qualify as an attempted murder.  But I doubt that such a legislature exists, but Teak probably knows for sure.

Besides, the reason for high HIV infection rates is simple.
The formula is this:

homosexual sex party + methamphetamines + viagra = 50 000 new HIV cases a year in the US.

People high on poppers feel invincible and don't care about HIV.  It just doesn't matter how educated they are about HIV prevention.
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Is it true you can't come into U.S. if have hiv?
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