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no answers by doctors

Here is my story:

in a stupid drubken night i had sex with a girl in Asia when she had her period

from 12 days later I had a fever, headaches, joint pain, stiff neck, brown spots on my face and hives a bit later on and pimples all over my back

i have tested negative out to 5 months

after 3 months i had unprotected sex and she has had fever, night sweats, dry cough for a month, hives on face

we both now have skin problems and I suffer from a very dry mouth which I understand is a common HIV symptom whatever your CD4 count

no doctor can give a rational explanation or aid the symptoms - i know some people will just say its OCD but i did not manufacture these symptoms through anxiety

i am convinced I have HIV  -  does anyone have any advice?
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Whatever is going on with you, it's definitely not HIV.  You've tested negative out to five months, so there's no further need for testing.
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thanks - you clearly know your stuff

have you ever heard of rare cases where the virus is not detected by standard tests or is that complete myth?

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If someone has a suppressed immune system, it could possibly take longer.  However, this is VERY rare.  Honestly, it sounds like you're beating yourself up with guilt, my friend.  Take it easy on yourself - this is not an HIV situation.
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