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non reactive hiv test at 4 weeks

i hav a question that i had unprotected sex with someone on july 23,the next day i satarted feeling sick, sour throat and some fever, the a week later i got an infection in my eye and right eye turned really red. at that time i really didnt care much. than on august 25 i  had sex but this time i used condoms. but a week later i was feeling really sick, my throat gotten realy bad and i had fever. i took some tylenol and the fever went away but my throat ws still in really bad condition. so on september 22 i went for std check and also for a repaid hiv test. the hiv test came out negative but i ws asked to come back in 4-6 weeks. a week later i got a call from my doc that i was tested positive for chlamydia in my throat and i was given medication. 2 weeks later i m feeling much better..my question is that i m still worried about hiv. the nurse told me that there really good chances tht a second test will be negative too. but i m very worried. can someone tell me that a negative test at 4-6 weeks is really good..thankz
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your only exposure was the one in july, since the august situation was PROTECTED.  that means that your test in september was right at 2 months post exposure.  a test at this time is a very good indication of your status and highly unlikely to change.  follow up at 3 months post your july 23 exposure for a conclusive result.
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I am going through a very similiar situation. Retest at 3 months.  
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thankz guyz....it realy makes me feel better, just a question it ws given zithromaz (azithromycin) to cure chlamydia, its been 15 dayz n i m still having come sysmtoms...the throat has gotten better bt not perfect. also sometimes i feel the tip of my penis burning (v low). and i do feel pain on left side abdominal area close to penis....again (v low).. just wana know how long it takes for zithromaz to cure chlamydia and should i go back and see the doc again...thankzz
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