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non thrush white tongue

guys, i have a question, i know im negative tested way out window,  but does anyone or rather do some experience a white tongue then slowly lessens, then returns. not necessarily creamy cottage cheesy but saliva appears whitish but rinses off leaving behind filiform papillae(longer taste buds white)almost furry like. keep in mind if i drink apink or red colored drink, it stains very easy, and appears normal throughout the day. any comments on that. what do you all think about the spit test, you know the one you spit in a clear glass with a some water to see what happens? just wondering.
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I don't know what it might be, but it ain't HIV!

Perhaps you should see a specialist? If you're still worrying about HIV, and I really hope you aren't, perhaps a few sessions of therapy might help? From what I've gathered, white tongue is a very common ailment:)
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dude, i know it is not hiv, ive seen to mds tell me its normal, it doesnt really look abnormal, i was just curious to see if anyone else was experiencing the same thing. i was hoping to see if anyone knew a way to relieve it. my anxiety level is low, im actually leaving for vegas this weekend. thanks anyway..
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Sorry, I wasn't sure!
There are a lot of forums here where you might find an answer. The WW remit is a fairly narrow one! Generally if an MD tells me I'm fine I'd run with that but if you're worried about it all you can do is persist.

Vegas, I'm jealous! Spent two crazy, crazy nights there in '04. Bring protection!

Have a blast:)
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If you know it is not HIV then maybe you should ask the same question in an oral/dental hygiene forum, the doc or someone there is more likely able to help you than anyone here. x
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Tony i have the same thing  yellow and thinker in back and the rest of my tongue is all white when i brush it its fine but it comes back during the day its almost white  also i burp up alot of acid reflux maybe its thats it..but i found this info that states maybe what we have READ THIS A white or Yellow Film on the Tongue
This is a very common observation we see in halitosis sufferers. It is caused by the accumulation of bacteria and nasal mucous, and tends to be heaviest in the posterior regions of the tongue. The removal of this film typically does not completely eliminate halitosis for most patients. The reason for this is that the anaerobic bacteria that produce halitosis odors are found through out the entire mouth and in the saliva. If you have longer or larger taste buds (papillae), then you will have a greater potential to trap bacteria in the tongue's papillae. If you have heavy amounts of these yellow or white films there is a good chance you may have halitosis. We have found that patients who rapidly build up films on their tongue often have ongoing post nasal (mucous) drainage that they may or may not be aware of. It is important to reduce this drainage and the Hydro Pulse sinus irrigator and the Breath-Ease XL saline powder have proven to be very helpful in achieving this.

Dry Mouth
Dry mouth is a common symptom with people suffering from halitosis, and it is one of the main causes of halitosis. Dry mouth, also known as xerostomia, causes a number of changes to occur in the mouth. First of all the bacteria become more concentrated in the saliva, and they tend to volatilize or evaporate more readily into the air. When this occurs, bad breath will be stronger and more noticeable at greater distances. Additionally, the pH or acid/base balance of the mouth becomes altered, and this provides an environment that is more conducive to the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Because there is less saliva the flushing or cleansing effect of saliva is reduced. This results in more bacteria and cellular debris accumulating in the oral cavity. Common causes of xerostomia are aging, insufficient fluid intake, using alcohol based mouth rinses, and numerous medications. Some common medications that can cause drying of the mouth are allergy medications, anti-depressives, blood pressure medications, and diuretics just to name a few. Coffee is considered a diuretic. Some less common causes are radiation treatment to the head and neck areas, patients suffering from Sjogrens Syndrome, diabetes, and other auto-immune diseases. The first and simplest thing we recommend patients do is be sure that they are consuming at least the recommended daily allowance of water which is eight glasses of water per day. Chewing sugarless gum also helps to increase salivary flow while chewing. Despite numerous products claiming they can eliminate or significantly improve dry mouth conditions, we have only found one product so far that significantly helps the problem. Besides causing halitosis, xerostomia often results in a metallic or bitter taste in the mouth. Without a doubt xerostomia is very difficult to eliminate entirely, but even if a patient's xerostomia remains we can still effectively treat their halitosis condition.

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mine also stains with any drinks of food i eat..red candy will turn it red etc..
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As Scared UK girl said, post your question in the Dental forum if you know its not HIV.  
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I believe white tongue mean that you are the same as the person next to you and the other 10000 ppl closest to you.  If is a normal part of the phisiology of the tongue.  I bet you have never scrutenized it before.
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I dont know the cause of white tongue although i know i,m freaking out over mine..its not only white but i have vertical corrugations and that freaking me out as that points to Hairy Leukoplakia and i,m sure i,m starting to develope white on the side as well its faint but it seems like its starting my luck i,m going to be positve even after my 11 week 1 day negative..theres no other explanation for it..and at the beggining i had all the ars symptoms even the rash on face and hands and the drenching night sweats..
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Does your white tongue looks rough with many tiny hiary white dots extruded all over the surface if you look closer?
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