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oral on women; taste vaginal fluids

The night of March 20th, 2008 I met up with a female friend for drinks. I had one too many and we ended up at her place and I performed unprotected oral (+fingering) on her and protected (I had a condom) vaginal sex. I am not concerned about the protected vaginal because I checked the condom after to see if my liquids were leaking and it appeared that the condom was fully intact. I have also read on this forum about the risks of oral on a women but I would like to emphasis that I did taste a good amount of her fluids. While performing oral I recall inserting my tongue inside her vagina (very stupid I know) for about 30-60 seconds. My oral hygiene isnt the best and my tonsils are frequently inflamed. Lets say I had inflammation in the throat when I swallowed her vaginal fluids when I inserted my tongue inside her vagina.

2 days later, March 22, 2008 I developed a throat infection which consisted of swollen tonsils with white matter covered all over the tonsils. On March 26, 2008 I went to the doctor (in NYC as I was on a business trip) and the doc took a throat swab (still waiting for results - dont know why its taking so long). I came back home on friday and went to my home doctor Saturday March 29 where he also took a swab (still waiting for results on that as well). During this visit to the doctor he said my glands in my neck were swollen and my right ear had fluid. I'm not sure if my glans in my inner thigh are swollen but I do feel tender there. The white matter on my throat cleared April 1, 2008 but my ears hurt (crackling sound when I swallow as well) and I've been feeling very tired - flu like symptoms the last two days (today is April the 2,2008). I came home early from the office and slept. So today is 13 days since the oral episode and I am freaking out that I am experiencing ARS as a result of contracting HIV through her fluids in my mouth. Would alcohol increase chance of transmission since I had a lot to drink.

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Forgot to add that I have aches and pains in my muscles in my thighs and triceps.
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Not to mention a sore throat which started on inception of the infection.
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Hey there concerned, sorry to hear of your recent exposure however, as you already know, oral sex generally presents an extremely low risk for acquiring HIV. Regardless of what symptoms you may be experiencing, a test at the 3 month mark should give you 'set in stone' proof that you didn't catch HIV.

On a side note, yet it is true that HIV is pretty difficult to pass through oral sex (if possible at all), many other STD's are relatively easy to pass such as Herpes. I'd suggest an STD panel just to be on the safe side.
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Thank you for the feedback. Would kindly welcome teak and others to please help shed light on my situation? The ARS symptoms and the insertion of my tongue inside her vagina are freaking me out.
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You don't need HIV testing and were never at risk for HIV.
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Teak thank you for the feedback. But I do have some questions for you. I would greatly appreciate your expertise here. I am very nervous right now.

Was wondering if ARS could come on 2 days after exposure as I noticed the white spots on my tonsils then. Though I realize that it’s been 2 weeks and I am still feeling the effects – they are actually more pronounced now i.e. sore throat and ear and am very gassy this past week (hopefully its not signs of diarrhea coming on). They say that its less than 1 in 10,000 for a normal oral but what about with inflammation in the mouth. I don’t know if she was menstruating or had recently (I didn’t notice it) but by how much would that increase the risk of exposure.

How longwould it normally take to recover from a regular viral sore throat. If you count the white spots as the start then I’ve had this for 12 days now. The white spots are gone but the throat is killing. I am freaking out.

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teak/mikey - can you please help? I am panicking here.
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There is nothing more to add. You were never at risk for giving oral to a woman.
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teak/Mikey - can anyone of you guys help out.

My sore throat is better today. Was wondering though would ARS related muscle pains be generally all over or isolated muscles. The muscle pains in the left thigh is really deep, the back of the left knee is hurting as are the left and right hip areas (ARS joint and muscle pains?). I am also experiencing fasciculation (twitching) in these muscles. Could I please get some expert feedback on these pains as its really killing. I'm popping so many advils. I am in the ARS window period still and my original muscle pains I was complaining about are no very deep and sharp. THe crackling in the ear is present but the white stuff on the tonsils are gone and the throat is generally not sore anymore.
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hey concerned,
       good to hear the throat is better today :),..i think it's anxiety now that's causing your aches and pains and others....like TEAK said bro,,..you were never at risk, but get that std panel asap and to calm your fears, get an hiv test if you want and prepare to your get your negative. my hiv window period anxiety is kiling me , don't search the internet like i did,..bad thing to do to look for symptoms. i believe this is when the guys would say move on :), you're ok
Good Luck
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folks - I did a rapid test at 5 weeks and 2 days at the hassle free clinic in Toronto. Tested negative. Do you guys think that I should forget about it now - I know people here say 3 months for conclusive and some docs say 6 weeks for low risk exposures. Appreciate the feedback.
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Strange - I went in for the 6 week test (http://www.biolytical.com/instifaq.html) and for some reason the nurse couldnt get my blood to get sucked into the little pipette used in this test. We ended up trying 5 times (pricking 5 fingers) and they couldnt do it. They said that my blood doesnt come out in blobs and instead follows the counters of my finger prints and said that the blood was thin. Has anyone ever heard of this? Does this occur to the blood duriing seroconversion or was the nurse just incompetent (apparently was her first time administering the test on a public person outside of training). That freaked me out that they couldnt get my blood into the pipe. I'm still having muscle pains in the legs and tingling sensations in random spots kind of like distill neurapathy. I'm going to another center this friday but now I'm freaked out. Has anyone else had problems with rapid tests like this?
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