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oral sex with dental issues

ive posted recently about a thought exposure, got duo test done after right time and it was negative.

now... i feel dumb. i have only had protected sex since my result. but on november 19 i gave sex unprotected with someone who i know and have had protected sex with before but there status i dont know. i know i have a few damaged teeth that could be infected and parts of my gums that could be cut since i bleed everytime i brush, and i think i brushed an hour before giving oral sex.

and after alot of reading im freaked out bc it says cuts or whatever in  your mouth can increase risk. he did not ejaculate at all in my mouth but i think maybe a drop or 2 of precum if any. now i have a sore throat that ive had for 2 days now please help.
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EDIT. says gave unprotected sex, was supposed to say gave unprotected oral sex, me and the person have only had protected vaginal in the past. thanks
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You were never at risk for transmission. Oral sex is not a risk irrespective of ejaculation, ingesting bodily fluids or presence of oral sores or cuts, none of these changes the assessment.

Below are the only risk for transmission:

1. Unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse.

2. Sharing needles to inject intravenously with other people for drug abuse.

You don't need to test.
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so youre saying even if i had cuts and swallowed semen(didnt swallow) and maybe some precum or semen got onto a cut  still no risk??
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Cuts or no cuts, oral sex is not a risk for HIV.  This is simply not how it is transmitted.  Air and saliva deactivate the virus.  You had no risk.
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thanks so much i feel so much better!
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