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oral sex with hiv pos man!

I have gotten out of a 10 yr relationship and have given unprotected oral sex o a man with HIV ...prior to this I have been tested negative for HIV... do I need to test as he did ejaculate in my mouth and I swallowed ..my concern is I have poor/weak gum that are always bleed after I brush?.. I think I am concerned as I was with one man so long and feeling guilt over unprotected oral. Please tell me if I need to test over this exposure as losing sleep?
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Thank you... confused by other sites but I respect your knowledge... does that mean if I work things out with my ex I can engage in anal sex without prior testing... just making sure as the man I gave oral to IS HIV POSITIVE...should I test just as a percaution? ??... just hard as I don't want to play with peoples lives... thank you last post... and I will check out HIV anxiety. Forum
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Testing is up to you, my advice is that you don't need it.

That being said,..before engaging in unprotected anal sex with your exm if you reconcile, I think it wouild be wise for you BOTH to test together.  You had a perios of seperation, who knows what occured, and I doubt I would be comfy taking someone's "word".

Use a condom until you both can be tested together...in 3 months form your reconciliation.
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So from oral sex with HIV pos. Ejaculation in my mouth I will test negative? I'm having a hard time believing it?
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Yes, you would test negative.

Let me ask you this, if you thought it was a risk, why would you have engaged in that kind of activity?  Just curious?
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I never thought f it as a risk until guilt and anxiety kicked insoluble I checked online... onlyto find many think it carries a risk... like I said I respect your. Profile and don't think you would tell me not to test if you thought I should... all the best to you for the work you do!!
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No testing required
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Thank you for the conformation!! I will trust your words and pray my anxiety lets this go!!... hope you all know how appreciated you are for scared anxious. Uneducated people like me.
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I recently began dating the HIV pos man.. is it safe for me to do unprotected oral sex with him... and protected anal of course???

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The ONLY way you could get HIV from your partner is through unprotected anal (either way...receptive or insertive) or if you shared IV drugs with him.

Keep in mind, there is still a level of risk when entering a relationship with an HIV+ partner, due to the (low) chance a condom may fail from time to time.  

It would be wise to ensure you are emotionally able to handle that kind of situation, should it arise.  If you use condoms properly each time, the risk will be astronomically low that you would suffer a condom break, but you still have to consider that when deciding to enter into a sexual relationship with a + person.

Always make sure condoms are not outdated, are the proper fit (not too big or too small), are stored properly (not in extreme heat or cold), and use plenty of water based lube (like KY jelly).
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Thanks for the info... are there forums here where one is pos and one ne... negative?
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Not on this website.
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