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oral symptoms

As you may recall, at the end of march 2011, i had a high risk encounter with a thai sex worker. And suffered what I believed to be ARS (although most people here disagreed!). At 6 weeks I tested negative. I am now at 13 week and plan to test when I am back in the UK. However, I have just been diagnosed with Oral thrush (mild at back of tounge) and had a sore tounge and mouth ulcers for 4 days. Tounge feels like I have bitten it, roof of mouth feels burnt as does tip of tounge. I have had one or two ulcers on the inside of my lip.
I am aware mouth ulcers and thrush are sometimes (20%) accociated with ARS, and then later in HIV infection (>5 years)...so I am just wondering what I am experiencing now?
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Unlikely due to HIV given the test result at the 6th week post-exposure but you can totally rule it out from HIV if you get negative result by now. HIV assessment through symptoms is terrible, really.
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Thanks Ricky,

Does sore burnt feeling tounge (without burn) and roof of mouth (didnt look ulcered) run consistant with early HIV infection? And I thought ARS comes in the first 2-4 weeks, not at 12-13 weeks!
(PS. Agreed that symptoms are terrible to assess. But I guess we all look for relief from - 'your symptoms are not consistant with HIV ARS!!!).
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Sounds unlikely given the period where it happens, but refer to your test result beyond 3 months PE to see if it's the case conclusively. Otherwise I can't conclude anything.
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Thanks Ricky.... I will post results next week.... I am sure I will not be the first on this forum to post positive.
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Very little chance given your previous result but we'll see. Not all positives are true. If one gets a positive result on his test, he'll be referred to a confirmatory test like Western Blot, which will have the final say on the status. The good news is positive results have been here before but very rare. The last time I saw such was 3 months ago.
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Now I am very concerned, This weekend I suffered vomitting all saturday night, then sunday lunch time I needed to sleep as I felt so ill again sunday evening. (nausea ect). Same on monday night. Tuesday I had my apatite back but then got no sleep due to flying back to europe overnight....I felt terrible, aching, nausea, and sore throat. Today, after a good nights sleep I real better, slight nausea and sore throat, my throat also feels blocked.
Is it common for ARS to come Thrush, mouth ulcers ---> Vomiting nausea ---> aching --> sore throat or would they all come at the same time.
I am concerned as if it were food posioning or something I would have diarrear or it would last 12-24 hours. Off to the doctors tomorrow.
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Sounds rather due to your bad feeling about HIV or something else, but I can't tell anything without your test result at the 3rd month post-exposure or beyond.
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must be a virus...cant connect it to hiv infection because of the timing.

it is HIGHLY unlikely that your 6 week negative test result will change.  expect a negative !
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Thanks Lizzie, I believe you also said my orginal 'ARS' symptoms were not common to ARS.
I am concerned that my 6 week test was a 2nd generation - (it was in Africa) hence why I am still concerned.
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Lizzie, Nystatin treatment didnt work for Thrush...7 days of Flucozanole also didn't work. Starting to think my GP has misdiagnosed me.
Here are pictures, what is you opinion? Thursh like or just bacterial growth?
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we're not drs and cannot diagnose anyone on this forum...and looking at pixs of ppl's tongues is just gross !
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Thrush or not, today I received a negative test 4 months after the incident.
It was taken in an Africa hospital and was a white plastic box with white window, with a control line after test (no second line for positive). Is this reliable?
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