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quick question....I know you guys are going to ask me to shut up, but after Benboy's story of 10 oraquick tests and still testing positive my anxiety went through the roof. I went online to the FDA website and it says clearly that even after 3 months, oraquick can give false negatives. About 1 in every 12 results will be a false negaive.
Here's the link

Q: And if it's negative, does that mean that I definitely don't have HIV?

A: No - and this is important for users of the test to understand. The test is not reliable at detecting HIV infection until at least three months after infection. In addition, even after three months, there can also be false negatives. Clinical studies by untrained consumers showed that the OraQuick test will produce about one false negative result out of every 12 tests performed in HIV infected individuals. It's also important never to use a negative test result to decide on whether to engage in behavior that puts you at risk for HIV infection.

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Then get a lab test.  

3 months is conclusive, that's all we can tell you.  No doubt that the oraquicks are less accurate and sensitive than blood tests, but overall, they are pretty reliable.

Not much more to say, if you're questioning an oraquick result, then use a different testing method.  If your concern is anxiety based (I would bet), you will find reasons to doubt any tests, doctors, etc.  That's anxiety for you.
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Thanks. I know 3 months is conclusive. If Oraquick is less accurate, do I have to get a blood test. Or can I believe these results i got from Oraquick and move on?
In other words, if i wasn't anxious and you were my doctor, would you ask (not recommend) me to get a lab test.
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You can confirm the result with a simple hiv test at a clinic . Keep calm till the confirmation :)
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I understand that...I want to know if nursegirl, who I understand would see a lot of cases similar to mine would ask me to take a test in spite of 4 oraquick negative results. All of them after 4 months. I will take a test as soon as I can.

I thought these tests were confirmatory and I did not have to worry. I feel like I'm back to where I started.  
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All tests can give false negatives, you tested conclusively negative. You don't have an HIV concern.
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There are no tests marketed or sold that will give a conclusive negative test result  earlier than 3 months post exposure.
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