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Before Aug 19th 2015 I had an exposure (oral sex without condoms and also I had shaved my genital and I felt some liquid coming out from the girl on me). I got tested with Oraquick on Dec 18th 2015 and Dec 21st 2015. Both results were negative.
My questions are:
1) Is Oraquick accurate in this situation?
2) how could I understand the accuracy of 91.7% for false negatives?
Thank you.
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1. Yes because oral is considered by most to be no risk for hiv or by some a very low theoretical risk. You tested at 4 months twice, this is conclusive.
2. Oral quick is less sensitive because saliva has less hiv antibodies then found in blood making it less sensitive.
Thank you for your response.
Some people say that this 91.7% accuracy is due to some test takers get tested before 3 months from exposure.
After 4 months would my body produce enough antibodies for detection by oraquick?
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True, testing accuracy is based on timing meaning the more sensitive ones shorten the detection probability. And there's always the question was the instructions followed correctly.
Two oraquick tests at 4 months is conclusive.
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Thank you!
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