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Hi, my English is not very good but I will try my best. I had protected sex with striper in nights club, and oral sex and at that time the condom was falling in here mouth, I did tuch here floud with my hands, and I did but a new condom but I didn't do anything after that I mean after the new condom no sex , I did an oraquick test  after 4 weeks then after 6 weeks and was negative, then I did the same test after 11 weeks almost 83 days and negative. I am married and after the last test I had sex with my wife, so pleas after all the 3 tests is still a chance that I am infacted . All 3 results are negative.
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Oral is not a risk because HIV is inactivated in air. Protected vaginal is not a risk. You wasted your time testing, so you can relax now instead.
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I had sex for like 3 min then oral sex but with condom , the condom came out in here mouth then I changed the condom with new one and I didn't do anything after that, but before the new condom I did touch here floud with my hand then i don't remember if i had touched my peni when i was putting the new condom
Only risk for HIV is unprotected vaginal or anal sex which you didn't do.

Your handling of her fluids (and even her blood if she had any) didn't matter because HIV is INSTANTLY inactivated in air so you had no risk. It isn't like a cold where the virus lives on a doorknob someone sneezed on for 2 weeks; HIV is fragile outside its comfort zone inside the body.

If HIV wasn't fragile then everyone in America would get infected, like they do for colds 3 times per year.
Since you had ZERO risk then she can't get HIV, so do not tell your wife, - a confession guarantees only that things will likely get very bad between you two as she will be very upset.

The condom does not protect against STD, so visit that forum to see the risks you face, and if you do this again you need to tell your wife in advance as it is unfair to secretly risk her for std - some people with herpes never show symptoms but that doesn't mean they won't unexpectedly show up later at the wrong time and make you infect her.
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Hi thank you so much
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Thank you so much,and even the test results show negative. Thanks
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