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Hi Everyone -

    I just read someone else's post which was almost identical to mine. If it was identical, I would be much more relaxed.This is my first time here. I am freaking out pretty badly. I got tested after having four incidences of unprotected sex with someone about 8 weeks ago. I just got tested two days ago, so at about the 8 week mark. I took the Oraquick Advance 20 minute exam. The first time I took the oral swab and it came out positive but with a very light yellow line. I was told that they had never seen such a light line but that it was a positive result and they had to follow-up with more extensive blood work, the results of which I will have in a week. I proceeded to ask if I could do the rapid result blood exam since they had to take my blood anyway to sed to lab. They agreed and the rapid result blood test came out negative. I asked and they let me take the oral exam once again and it came out positive again but with an even lighter yellow line, almost not visible. The gentleman who had a similar issue had 1 positive (oral rapid result) and 2 negatives (oral and blood rapid result). I have 2 positives (oral) and one negative (blood). Although again I had been told they had never seen such light lines on the positive results and the gentleman posted before me whose case I'm referencing is was fine, how worried should I be?? Could I be seroconverging?? I'm so freaked out I haven't slept in 2 days.

This discussion is related to Pretty desperate situation and need advise. Please help!.
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no from my understanding those rapid oral spit out a lot of false positives i wish you the best of luck
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I would trust the blood test. Blood has the highest concentration of HIV in it if you are infected. If the blood test was negative you should assme you are negative.

Try to relax and get some sleep, I understand how hard that probably is right now for you though. Maybe go see the doc and gte some sleeping and anxiety meds to mellow you out some until this whole thing blows over.
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Hello -

   Thank you so much for your support, you and lostone08 (I dunno how I can write to you both at the same time). It means the world. I feel like positivity is so important. I find out for sure in 2 days, but in the meant time its hard to stay positive. I want to call the person I think I may have gotten this from (if I am confirmed poisitive). My ex is getting tested today. We broke up 3 month ago and were in a two-year monogomous relationship and both got tested when we were together, both negative. Then after we broke up I slept with this other guy, only 4 times, who I found out later has a seedy past. Now I don't know if I have a right or should ask him to get tested or wait until after my results come back on Friday. I feel if my ex is neg today and this other guy is neg, I have little to worry abt, could be wrong tho. I just hate sitting down with the nurses, trying to gauge the look on their faces as I walk in, it all feels to climactic. I'd rather hear the results from any angry ex or this fling.
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You took the test to early. Retake the test at 3 months post exposure to get a correct result.
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The oraquick oral swab test is has less specificity (99,8%) than the blood test (100%), so the oral swab has more false positives than the blood test, anyway like Teak told you need to test at 3 months for a conclusive results.

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