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pcr dna and antibody after 4 weeks

I met a girl  and had unprotected vaginal sex two times.  First time lengthy and i know she let fluids loose.  Second time like 3 minutes.  Im so scared now.  It was the end of march last week of month.  Almost certain it was march 27th.  I used requestatest and got over 4 week pcr dna and antibody tests done.  I know that the pcr dna tests are bad in ways but how likely is it now that i would have hiv?

Shes 25 white female who claims not to have had many partners and doesnt use iv drugs.  She has a 7 year old kid so shes had unprotected sex in the past obviously.

Woke up one morning 2-3 weeks later!? with little pain in left armpit and having read these forums in the past, I said maybe hiv or maybe just my head.  Then few short days later i had pains in both my armpits and the little things between your chest and arm--- those muscle things hurt when i move my arms.  I found one lump under each arm like the ones at my groin found which were found in november.  They are slightly bigger.  They dont protrude skin but can be felt like moveable balls.  They themselves dont hurt when touched but my armpits feel like there burning and its quite painful when moving arms a lot or even driving or they stick motionless for too long.  

Im really wondering if this is a sign i have hiv?  My parents wont take me seriously.  The armpits nodes seem to be like nothing but hiv from what i read.  
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you've been posting on this forum long enough to know the answers to your questions.

you've also been posting long enough to know NOT to have unprotected sex and the risk associated with this.

3 months for a conclusive test result.
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I suppose Ill just test every two weeks until then.   Whatever.   If I find out I have it, I can finally do what Ive been wanting to do since this past September.  If I dont have it, well thats better.
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ok...i'll play.

exactly what is it that you have been wanting to do since last september?
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I think I can make an educated guess
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I was scared of HIV since september I know and have taken litterally over 20 hiv tests since that time.  Sick.  Please dont use this against me despite some doubts you may have.

This time the symptoms and timing seem to be 100% specific to HIV.  Three pcr dna tests and close to 10 antibody tests since last encounter at end of march.   My last two tests was 12 weeks clearview at clinic then 14 weeks blood taken at labcorp neg.  

My armpits(most concerning as I feel nodes) hurt so bad.  The pectoral muscles sore,side of neck when yawn or talk and feels heavy, last few days right side of chest sore and arms sore, last few days knees hurt really bad every morning for several minutes.  

6 month test?  4 month test?  Do I really have to wait a year?  I would like to know whether or not I have HIV instead of wondering daily.
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