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pcr test

One question. How accurate was my pcr after 12 or 13 days after exposure? High exposure that is
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Hi There,

It is over 90% accurate although you will need a Duo Test at the 28th day to confirm.

If your 12/13 day test came back below the viral load threshold, it is so likely that your Duo test will be negative!:)

What was your exposure?

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My exposure was vaginal sex with a hiv positive woman . Twice. For abt 6 minutes in total. We used condoms for a while .
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Are you certain she was HIV+?  Did you know this when you had sex?

Your odds of catching for two exposures are around 1 in 500, that combined with your Negative PCR test almost guarantees you a negative duo result..

Grab the test when you can, I do fully expect it to come back Negative!
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I dint know wen we had sex. She dint say. I took her for testing and after doc says she was positive i got on the pep. She then later explained how she once got very ill and had to sleep in hospital. She also mentioned she did a strio test and got two lines. So all along she never had it confirmed. Basically she knew abt it. Thats the painful part.

My sinuses are super blocked though and hve been for the past 2 wks . Either cause of the cold or an infection ill go see a doc if symptoms persist past monday.

I hope om fine in GOD o trust. The worst part she is my cousins sisters wife . He knew we had been hanging out n chose not to warn me until 4 wks later . Darn!
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Relax about your symptoms, they are definitely not acute HIV infection!

Take the test at 28 days, I am certain it will be Negative! :)
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Arnold pls let me know whats going on on ur side. I have same issue here but praying, as they said its hard for female to transmit to a man. 1 to 1000 as said , and also I am on pep as u are. The odds are in out favour am praying dearly.
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