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penetration for few second

Hi ,doctor . My I ask some question  .I dated a guy . and  he intercourse me without condom ( without consent) for few seconds may be 10 seconds and then I refused and we used condom till end. we had done oral sex too.we had sex last 5 days ago and now I am completely well and nothing happen in my body . I am so confuse right now. I didn't know about him too much . I'll take STD test myself  . But I want to know how much risk I have right now . Percentage of chance of transmission.please answer .
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it is highly "unlikely" that 10 seconds of unprotected penetration would result in hiv infection BUT no one can guarantee you that.  it is also highly "unlikely" that he even has hiv.

with that being said, the only way to know your status is by testing at the appropriate time.  a duo test at 4 weeks or an antibody test at 6 weeks will give you a very good indication of your status.  follow up at 3 months post exposure for a conclusive result.
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hi mam the same thing hapen me today , i had sex with csw using condom , when i insert i noticed a pop sound and suddenly removed the condom , i noticed the condom fully broke , so my exposure inside her is more than a second ..then suddenly i washed mine with water and urinated ...what wil be my risk mam please help me.
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Don't hijack someone else's thread to ask your questions.
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ok sir please try to understand me i need your help ...plz plz plz :'( ...my penis was inside her vagina only for a second ...once i noticed d condom broke i removed .. what the risk of here ...i didnt give any stroke after tht ..plzzzz sir help me ...
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thanks a lots for answering me and  I am just curious .How many second did unprotected sex need to transfer STD or some HIV infection .if you don't mind answer me please . Thanks again.
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