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persistant, frequent viral infections

I'm looking for some clues as to what might be my problem... I've been to see my GP 6 times and they're no help - they keep sending me away with "it's a viral infection - get some rest and drink plenty of fluid".

I'm getting ill every month or so with long lasting symptoms. These include: Cough, sore throat, blocked or runny nose, tiredness/fatigue, muscle aches, pain in my arms and fingers, abdominal pain, headaches, pain around and behind my eyes, sometimes chills and night sweats, tingling sensations through day and occasional dizziness.

I take immune boosters and multivitamins, exercise and am generally pretty healthy other than this. Please can anyone suggest why I continually am getting sick?
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This is a forum specific to HIV. If you have an HIV question then please post otherwise please post in a different forum that is approiate to your question.
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