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please give me explanation

Dear Docter

I m Male from Indonesia. I would like to ask a question. My storie are:

- I have sex with sex worker in December 20 2011 (Protected)

- In Januari 2012 I have sex with sex worker (Protected sex vagina) oral unprotected

- in Feb 2012 until April 2012 I have Sex with sex worker (Protected) oral Unprotected . total 3 time sex worker in Feb 2012 till April 2012

- the last in april 20 2012 I have sex with sex worker (Protected) oral unprotected, but when I have vagina , comdom has broken ( I dont now ). I m so Confused for that and verry worry.

I've got test for HIV in June 20 2012 (8 weeks after condom broke)
the result for HIV test are:
RAPID SD.................................. NON REACTIVE

My question are :

1. I worry about my wife, I have sex with my wife in 15 feb 2012, untill now  (june 22 2012 ) I dont have sex with her because I dont want she infected from me ( Im so worry). Is it my wife safe with HIV if I have Infected HIV?

2. it Save if  I Have sex with my wife without condom

3. how about the result for HIV , is it save for me? ( I have HIV or not)

4. Should I test for HIV after tes June 2012? or test with other methode

5.before HIV test Juni 2012 I recently shook hands with people with hiv, I see he continues to lift the skin of the palm of his hand, then I wash my  hands with soap funds without me knowing there are cuts on my fingers when washing your hands and fingers are stinging wound.

-. whether the hiv virus can get into my fingers hurt?
-. a week later I've got fever, pimple on the gums, itchy

please give me explanation I worry about qustion no 5 I need, thank you

I worry about that, and I promise to my self I never do again. thank you for Information
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Your questions were all answered by joggen.Answer to question 5 is NO.
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@all I need your opinion
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Mr.Rain , I so Worry. Would you like give me Explanation for each number my question? I m Sure condom has broken, but I have Tes 8 weeks after that and the result "Non Reaktive"

Spesiali for Number 5 , I need explanation, Because I have a lot of Symptom.

Please sir give me explanation....thank u verry much
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You would know if the condom broke--either it did or it didn't.
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