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please help me - ARS symptoms

i had receptive anal sex with a sex worker 21 days ago, i don't know if a condom was used. i am confused and scared about my symptoms.

- day 13-16: I had a sore throat, deep pain in my neck and pain where my lymph nodes are. i felt feverish with chills for a day.
- day 16-present: my sore throat and neck pain stopped, but my armpits been very sore for days and yesterday I finally felt an enlarged lymph node in my right armpit and on the right side of my jaw. .
- tonight: i just woke up soaked in sweat. i'm lying in bed now feeling very scared.

please help me. what is happening to me and where can i get a test that will tell me my status 3 weeks after exposure?
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Wait 28 days and take a combo test
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thank you. the clinics here all give antibody tests, is the combo test something i have to order? i don't want to go to my doctor right now...
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No just tell ur doctor you want a combo test  he does the rest this is very very accurate at 28 days
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