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please!!!!!!!!!!!!!some help

i was in a party, and some of my friends where all high and they were messing around with sewing needle.
they were stupid and they pinch them self and  the one of them came to me and say(bingo) and pinche me,, and just   laugh around,,,,,,i was high in that moment and i didt care.\
but now i am worry of any contamination. i duno their status.
i just read before get in touch with this forum about ( a man in new zeland that infect his wife truth a sewing needle)ohhhhhh my god i am so freak out!does the air kill the virus? i tough that, but thios new zeland history freak me out.
do i am in risk?
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You had no risk for HIV.
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It is not a risk.
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To start who knows if there was any penitration with the needle, second a small amount of blood that would have gotten on the needle would not pose a risk and the puncture of the skin would not allow a route to the blood stream for the virus to infect another person.

Here is the New Zeland man's true story, "She said she also saw her husband handling a syringe full of his blood." Not a sewing needle.
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the syringe full of his blood. was used to keep his blood. but the article(say he lance blood on the sewing needle and pinch her twice) no inyect her, otherwise she will noticed what he is doing right bthe way"     vance 2335. what shoud i do?
i am freak, is the air wont will virus on the blood when it is lance on sewing needle?
please reply!!!!!!
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That is not what the article said and no where in the article does it claim that she was injected with a syringe. You cannot contract HIV from a sewing needle.
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An HIV-positive man infected his wife with the virus because he wanted to start having sex with her again.
The 35-year-old injected his blood into the sleeping woman, who had refused to have a physical relationship for a year after discovering he was carrying the virus that causes Aids.
He pricked her twice with a sewing needle laced with his blood, believing the pair would be 'equals' once more.
But he was behind bars in New Zealand today awaiting sentencing after admitting infecting another person with a disease.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1233577/Wife-gets-HIV-husband-pricks-sewing-needle-slept.html#ixzz0ePbU7Qzw
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It doesn't say he injected. She claims he pricked her with a sewing needle which in no way can transmit HIV. It's not a hollowcore needle.
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