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plssssssssss help

i had sex with a csw last june ........... she used her own condom...which are provided to them in bulk by government

my question is that........

after having sex nearly 3-4 mis later i started having current like shock in my penis...not for a long time but once or twice....i also started feeling mild burn sensation in my penis...the burnining sensation was very mild....   i would also like to tell u that that was my first sex  means that i was virgin before that ..... does that has to do anything with current like shock and buring sensation ?????    i am a male and i ma 18 years old.... are thses because the virus entered my penis and that shock and burning sensation was caused due to that.??????     plsss replyy sooonn.... should i be worried about hiv???
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Don't have sex anymore until you get some more sex education. Condom use is not a risk for HIV.
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you were told MONTHS ago that you had no risk.

if you are having health concerns, see a dr...it's NOT hiv related
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You have posted numerous different threads about this exact same situation, and each time you have been told MANY times by MANY people you had NO risk.  Our answers are not going to change.

You really need to get some professional help.  You are still worrying about something that happened a year ago that was no risk.
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yes i know that was noo riskk... but my mind keeps on thinking about it..!!!!     but why did i felt the burning sensation in my penis after having sex???? plss naswr my queastion/////.......
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You do not have an HIV concern.
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