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possibilty positive after 6 months negative tests

Dear Doctors,

I had a possible exposure to HIV 29weeks ago. Protected vaginal sex with commercial sex worker but the condom slip and left inside her when i pulled out.
Following week i went to the doctor and HIV blood tested Negative.
On the same visit i was treated with antibiotics and stated the HPV and Hepatitis B vaccination.
Week 7 - Home HIV rapid finger prick test - Negative
       - HPV and Hepatatis B vaccine 2nd shots
Week 9 - Home HIV rapid finger prick test - Negative
Week 11.5 - Lab HIV P21 antigen combo test and Antibody blood test - Negative
Week 12.5 - HIV home rapid finger prick test - Negative
Week 13/15/18 - HIV home rapid finger prick test - Negative
Week 20 - Lab HIV P21 antigen combo test, antibody and Western Blot blood test Negative
Week 22/23/24 - HIV home rapid finger prick test Negative
Week 26 - Lab HIV antibody blood test - Negative
10 October - HIV home rapid finger prick test - Negative

On the 21st October evening I went for HPV and Hepatitis Vaccine 3rd shots and STD checkup. Doctor drew blood for HIV testing too.

On 22 October morning - Home HIV rapid test Negative but after a few hours i can see very very faint line on HIV 1 and 2. Tested 2 more on the same day - Negative but a few hours later can see very very faint discontinue lines on one but the other one is clear.
On 23 Oct - tested 2 more - Negative at 20 minutes but 1-2 hours later can see very faint discontinue lines.
Received call from clinic they postpond the appointment from 28 Oct to 9 November.

Since the incident 6.5 months ago, i do not have any kind of sex. Now i am really worry that the time clinic is taking is for HIV confirmation test as my first antibody test took 5 days only at the same clinic.

Kindly advise
1)what are the chances that my test come back positive from clinic. ? ( regardless of my Negative results at the Lab on week 11,10 and 26 )
2)is there a possibility of false positive due to the vaccine shots ? ( blood taken for HIV test from my right hand 15 mins after HPV and Hepatitis shot on my left arm.

I am crying my heart out after i've been all the tests within six months. i am really scared.

Kindly answer .
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Sorry Doctors,
the test done are
at Week 11.5 - P24 antigen combo test and antibody screening test
at Week 20 - P24 antigen combo test, anitbody screening test and western blot test .
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You never had an exposure from losing your condom on withdraw.
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Dear Teak,

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.  

I believe that the clinic is now taking two more weeks to do Western Blot confirmation test and i am so worried that my elisa blood lab test might have came out positive and thats why they are doing confirmation test.
In addition, some of my home rapid test show very very faint line like water mark on the test area. but some are not.

Kindly advise , what can happen to me.
Can i rely on my lab test done on the week 11.5, week 20 and week 26.

Is there a possibility that my test will come out positive ? i do not have any sexual encounter since that incident 6.5 months ago .
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Can i possibly be one of the rare case Teak.?
the incident happened in third world country with high Hiv rate. and i am worry as i am not sure how long ( may be less than a minute ) that mine is in contact with the sex worker vagina.
I am really worried, the country i working in will deport foreigner with HIV positive result within two weeks. : (
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No and there is no reason for you to test or be given a Western Blot.
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I had a similar experience with a lab. They took so long it freaked me out. I think they do certain tests, like hiv, in batches and you may have missed out on the first one so you're in line for the next.
You don't need to worry, you didn't have an exposure and can expect a negative result.
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Dear Teak, Thank you Thank you Thank you very much.
With your reply, At least i can worry less a bit for now and infront of my family.
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Dear butterflystomach, thanks alot for your comment too and i hope you mean lab may be taking long time due to other people tests in queue.
Do you have any advise for me of my recent rapid test very very faint lines after 1-2 hours .. With Teak and your reply i can feel better abit and can smile infront of my Mom.
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"Protected vaginal sex with commercial sex worker but the condom slip and left inside her when i pulled out."

That sentence right there is the reason you wasted your time and emotional energy doing all those tests.

You never were exposed .
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Don't know about that type of test but just follow the instructions. If it says check after 20 mins then that's final. Not surprising faint lines appear after 2 hours. Those lines attract certain types of elements in your blood and over time would be expected to build up with something.
All your other tests prove you're neg. You may need mental help if you can't move past this. It's actually very common for people to not accept their results and keep testing. Promise me you'll move on after your next negative lab result.
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You never had an exposure and never needed testing.
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Dear Hangon51 ,

Thanks for your comments, I am so worried as i learned that even a protected sex is low risk and due to symptoms that i had.

Day 1 / 2 - burning sensation during urinating and irritation on my private part.
Day 3 -  went to clinic for PEP but doctor advise not necessary and blood drawn and urine for HIV and other STD testings. Took Zmax 1000mg and Tinidazole 1000mg in the late evening.
Day 4 - 8- sweats, lost appetite, diarrhea, thick coating on tongue, fast pounding heart, insomnia, chills, tingly feeling, very mild fever i believe and dry mouth.
Day 9 - Symptoms continue and Sore throat add in in the evening. HIV screening test came out Negative and std results show herpes type 1. Took 1st shot of Gardasil and Hepatitis B as per doctor advise. and given Doxycycline and Clarithromycin 500mg a day for a month.
Day 10-16 - hard to swallow, sensitive to sun and cold, pains in upper arms , pins and needles in arm and legs and shooting pain in neck. but white coating on tongue was gone.
Day 17 - stiffness below my ears which believe is the lymph nodes, but not swollen big or palpable.
Day 18 - 39 - sore throat through out, tired, chills and body pains on and off . some days without chills and body pains.
Till Day 106  same symptoms continue on and off such as chills, upper arm muscle pain, some times joint pain and sore throats.
; (
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Move along you do not have an HIV concern.
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Thanks a lot Teak =D. I'll hold on to that and wait for test result on 9 November.
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Dear Butterflystomach,

It was rapid HIV 1/2 home test and i did followed the instructions. Anyway i will forget about this as advise and wait for the text.  

Yes i promise that i can move on after my lab negative result. I really hope and pray to get through this and have my own daughter.
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Dear Teak, butterflystomach and Hangon51.
Just received a call from clinic that the result is ready.
I am so worry and hope and pray for the Negative result. : (
My heart is ponding and so pain.
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Dear Teak, butterflystomach and Hangon51.
Just received a call from clinic that the result is ready.
I am so worry and hope and pray for the Negative result. : (
My heart is ponding and so pain.
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Of course it's going to be negative--you never had a risk in the first place and i can't work out why you even tested.
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Dear Teak, Rainlover71, butterfly stomach  and hangon51 . Test came out Negative and that won't surprise you all I believe. : ) ,but  hsv1 and clamydia positive . I'll move on and no more hiv worry and testing . Actually clinic informed me wrongly on the appointment date . Very very much of thanks to all of you caring people . Without your advises I would have went for other lab test and a lot more rapid home tests and would broke down in front of my family for sure . Thank you .
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Hello, Sorry that i have to back in the forum seeking for professional advises again.

My Oct 22 test came out with HIV Negative, Gonorrea and Chlamydia PCR test Negative, HSV1 and Chlamydia antibody Positive.

Since early october, I've been having irrtation, pain and burning sensation on my urethra after masturbation/urnation and it last till now, but slightly better after Antibiotics Zithromax and Doxycycline. I do not experince any like these before.

My symptoms are of Chlamydia , Trich , Gornorrea but i do not notice any discharge.

1 ) If my infection with Chlamydia / Trich or HSV are from the 1st april incident with the sex worker, I am scare that is it possible i infected with HIV from that incident too ?

2 ) Am i having these opportunist infection due to presence of HIV in my body but tested negative ?

3 ) My last HIV negative test was done on the 22 October and its almost 7 months after 1st April incident and i do not have any sexual activities till now. Do i need to test again for my HIV status ?

Kindly advise , Thanks.    
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Apologies Teak, Really sorry ; (
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