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possible acute HIV rash

Hello there,

I'm a 20 year old female wondering if it's possible that I am experiencing symptoms of acute HIV. Here's the background:

Possible exposures: sex with man (status unknown), with condom, just over a month ago. Almost two weeks ago, oral sex (giving and receiving) with a different man (status unknown), ejaculated in my mouth both times.

Nearly a week after the oral sex, I woke up with a swollen throat and red, sunburn-like rash covering my groin, buttocks, breasts & surrounding area, but it didn't itch and I no fever. I had slept with a tampon in, and was concerned about TSS, but had no other symptoms. I went to the hospital the next day, as the rash had spread to my hips, underarms, and inner arms (again, red, macupapular). Doctor did a CBC and told me that I was negative for mono, said I didn't have strep (although I'm not sure where this came from, she did not perform a swab test), and that it was probably a virus and the rash should disappear in the next day or two. The rash improved a bit, but began prickling in the heat/sun the next day, and spread to my thighs. The next day, it appeared on my knees and feet, although the rash on my feet was sort of a pinkish blotch (about 2" across), with a redder outline.

I went to a different doctor, who took a look at my throat (now severely inflamed/infected, tonsils *****), swollen lymph nodes, and rash, and told me that I had scarlet fever. He didn't perform any tests, but prescribed amoxicillin. I took it at night, and woke up in the morning with a throat feeling slightly better, but with rashes on my feet (around where the previous blotch had been---that area is now clear), on my hands (both the backs and the palms; red dots that aren't raised and are about 1-2mm, coming together to form red patches where some of my fingers meet my palm), around my shoulders, and on my upper back. These are all places where I had not previously had rashes, and these were more itchy, and became progressively moreso throughout the day.

I went again to the second doctor, who was a bit perplexed, but said that it was probably still scarlet fever and that I should continue with the antibiotics and let him know if it worsens by tomorrow. Right now, it's sort of appearing on my outer arms (spreading up from hands), and also up my legs (from ankles). This rash is slightly different from the original one, in that the spots are larger, and while raised slightly, not as much as the original rash.

Anyways, I realize this is a little ridiculous, but I'm afraid that I contracted HIV from the oral sex, and that I'm now having complications because of that. Any info, tips, advice, reassurance would be greatly appreciated!
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Did you get any result for your symptoms?
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Hey, I am also going through same experiences. I am having similar types of rashes on left arm, arm pit area and right side of the neck pinkish and red in color. It appeared 12 hours ago and has faded a little bit now.

My exposure was also similar (protected sex and unprotected oral).

Could be only co-incidence happening in the wrong time.

Best wishes!!
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Hi, you had no risk to acquire HIV from what you describe.
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