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possible exposure 4 months ago.. kinda freaked out

Hooked up with a random women used a condom but also used my fingers to help her climax.. I'm worried she is dirty I have asked her several times... my symptoms I have had were flu like symptoms and possible nigjt sweats but I am confused on when all symptoms would start
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yiou can go for 4 th generation HIV test duo . Which will be conclusive at 4 months possible exposure.
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I did get a oraquick test.. about to take it in 20 mins.. I just need some help to calm down before I do take it
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Also not sure if my condom broke or not
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4th gen Duo test is conclusive 4 weeks after exposure not four months. If you used a condom and it didn't break you had zero risk. You don't need to test.
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All of your symptoms are anxiety related. You definitely would of noticed if the condom broke. Please calm down. You have nothing to worry about.
That's what I'm hoping it is
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How late can symptoms appear.. really confused about the timeline
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