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possible hiv infection

Hello I'm a 22 year old male college student, and two weeks ago I slept with an African-American stripper in New Orleans. I was very drunk and never imagined I would do something so stupid. Nevertheless, I used protection, but I do know the condom slipped off at one point. I can't confirm, if and to what extent I could've made unprotected contact with her. That being said, I know she put the condom back on and I continued.

Anyways a week after possible exposure, I got blood tested for Hiv, syphilis, and both forms of herpes. The results were negative. However, I noticed I had a red rash on my scrotum, feelings of fatigue, and pain in my right lung, when I breathed in deeply. My neck has also been a little stiff.

Also the past few nights i've had what might be light fever, but I can't dismiss the fact it might be due to anxiety and over analyzing myself. Anyways, I used a fungal cream on my scrotum and the rash disappeared after one night. Also I quit smoking, and the pain in my lung alleviated greatly after a day or two.  

I hope I'm not wasting your time because last week I did begin adamantly researching hiv symptoms online and diligently paying attention to my body.  This has definitely fueled a lot of anxiety so I think there's a good chance I'm mentally making some of these symptoms real, or at least not focusing on other possible explanations.

Anyways, I'm going to abstain from sex or any other activity that might possibly pass disease, of any nature, on to someone else; until I can get conclusive test results a few months from now, but I do have some questions:
1.) Are my symptoms consistent with possible hiv infection, and if so, can stated symptoms develop within two weeks of possible exposure?
2.) If the blood test cleared me for herpes, and I haven't had any clear-cut symptoms like discharge or urinal burning, should I still be concerned with possibly acquiring hiv or any other form of std's, from the possible exposure two weeks ago?
3.) Are there any less obvious precautions, I should take right now to prevent possibly passing hiv or other std's to someone else? That being, if the previously mentioned symptoms and conditions warrant it.

I understand it was a brief moment of absolute stupidity that has brought me here, but I'm prepared to handle any possible consequences that might arise intelligently and responsibly. In the mean time I greatly appreciate your time and expert opinion.

Thanks a bunch!

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1. No.
2. If you had an exposure and you tested negative or other STDs, has no baring on ones status.
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