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possible misdiagnosed?

I was tested and told that my test was positive to HIV but on the second page it says >50.00 and says index value: speciman reactivity relative to negative cutoff please tell me what that means. Ive since then tested negative 4 times
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Sounds like you got a false positive on the first test.  It's unfortunate, but it can and does happen with any test for any disease.

If both of your partners tested negative, they don't have HIV and couldn't give you HIV.  If you had had HIV for years (prior to those two relationships), all of your tests would have been positive.

What kind of test were the 4 most recent tests? RNA, antibody, or Ag/Ab?
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I went to an agency event and they were testing. I took 3 oraquick test I asked for thru Health department and actually took one on video so no one could say it wasn't me. Been undetectable over 8 years now and Dr discontinued me taking Biktarvy in 21. I've been questioning diagnoses for awhile now
You keep dodging the condom question. Sounds like you had no risk.
When did you take the tests?
When did you discontinue Biktarvy ?
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What was your risk? Oral anal or vaginal and did you use a condom?
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Vaginal,  yes
Is it possible to clarify more thus we can help you
Your risk : protected vaginal sex
You used condom
Then you did test 1 time it was reactive(+)
Then you repeat it again 4 times it came negative .
Please correct me if I am mistaken .
Actually condom protected sex is no risk unless if condom broke .
I went to Dr to confirm pregnancy and agreed to all test. I was asked to return a few days later to get this news. I went to next Dr and they put me in meds. I asked to be tested they said they did it 3 times. I was shocked I was on drugs, 1 partner for 5 years which was a woman and 1 for 8 months and both he and she have tested negative. I got sick and
Started paying attention to and reading and asking questions and now I'm here
Did you use a condom? I asked that but you didn't answer.
I said yes to that question AnxiousNoMore
ok, well now that I reread it I see what you meant.
You can't get hiv when you use a condom that doesn't rip apart so all your tests were a waste of time. You can't have hiv, so should just forget about this non-event. You got a false positive which happens once in a while, which is a good reason to not test when you had no risk.
AnxiousNoMore, Peaceful43 I truly appreciate your responses. I've been going thru this since 2007. I've been in wheel chair to Walker and cane is how I get around. Taking  truvada for over 10 years and once I was taken off those meds I'm better mentally and physically. I just feel like I was misdiagnosed and I'm sure others have been too. Trying to get this corrected is hard but the devil is a lie. Thanks again
This is REALLY important, since the timeline of your events is hard to understand:
1.  When was the last time (year/month) you took any medication to control HIV?
2.  When was the last time (year/month) you took an HIV test?
CurfewX the last test I took was November 2022 and it was negative. I didn't stop talking needs in my own one of my Drs discontinued Biktarvy in  2022. I am shocked to receive the response from everyone. I started returning in 2021. I've taken 4 Oraquick test with negative results over the past 2 years. On my summary report that I've come across from 2010 the question was do they have documentation of positive results and the answer was no. On my paper work it says HIV N/A
If you took your tests while you were taking Biktarvy, they aren't valid.  If you stopped Biktarvy at least a month before you took your test in November 2022, then that test IS valid.

It is odd that they put you on meds without a confirmation test.  I'd be pretty mad about that.  If you want to be absolutely certain you don't have HIV, you could demand an RNA PCR test now to put this completely behind you.
Your situation looks little bit unclear and not simple to provide you advise online . I do not to forum volunteers but I follow them since long time and they are very expert even better than many experts.
I would advise you to visit hiv expert physician and have consultation with him/her . Thus they will get clear data and give you clear reply to your questions.
I agree with this suggestion.  It's very difficult to get a complete timeline along with dates tests were taken, what kind of tests were taken, and whether anti-HIV meds were being taken/were in effect when HIV tests were administered.
Thank you so much for your opinions. I agree and truly understand you not able to follow I didn't expect to get responses. This has been a very confusing time for me as well. I have an appointment at a new place actually it's the place I tested negative with and I'll be getting complete physical and blood work done in 2 weeks. I truly appreciate all the response
I've been off meds little over a year now. Did test every 3 months before going to the agency where I tested negative
I've been undetectable for 9 years last set of plans 1146 we my counts

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