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possible transmission hiv


    i had sex with an escort with blowjob without condom and vaginal sex for 3 mins with condom which did not fail please tell me do i have possible hiv transmission i have a hair foils in my public area that is not protected with condom please help me do i need to test
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No risk for hiv . you're safe.
what about the rashes in my penis which not covered by condom and di i need hiv test for this incedent
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Oral sex is not considered a risk for HIV. Condoms protect against HIV. Therefore you had no risk for HIV.

That being said, I suggest you see a urologist to determine the cause of your penis rash because that is not normal. Also refrain from any further sexual activity until your treatment for the rash is completely resolved because you are exposing others to your rash and that is not appropriate.
Thanks for your replay i will see the doctor soon  do i need any std test  including hiv please suggest me
This forum is HIV specific. You'll have to ask your STD questions on their forum.  As I already stated, you had no risk for HIV so clearly there's no reason to get tested.
Thanks for your replay
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