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potentialy contaminated Re-usable blood tube holder sleeve?

Hi Dr's,
I had a 9 week hiv 1-2 test done and it came back negative. However during the blood draw the nurse used a re-usable plastic blood draw sleeve. The sleeve is where the new needle is screwed into the front then the blood draw tube itself is pushed into the back. Is there any risk of contracting HIV from the nurse re-using the potentialy contaminated blood tube holder sleeve? She placed the needle in my arm, then put the tube into the sleeve. Drew my blood, withrew the tube, then the needle from my arm. Then used an attachment on the sharps container to remove the needle from the sleeve. Then placed the sleeve back on the table for later use. When the vacum sealed blood tube is removed from your arm, does the blood in the needle go back into your body? I would just love to know if I am at risk from this Re-usable blood holder..Thankyou for your time and patience..
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You're being paranoid.
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you had NO risk from what you are describing...NONE ! ! !
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Thankyou for answering. What if there was blood on the plastic blood holder sleeve? Can the blood in the needle run back into your body when they pull the blood tube off the back end of the needle? And if so, can contaminated blood makes its way into your body off of the re-used plastic sleeve? I have been to some other blood draw clinics and the don't use the re-usable kinds. This one has caught me off guard a little. Thankyou!
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You cannot contract HIV from a vacuum container.
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